Friday, July 29, 2016

Getting Ready!

Hello out there! Now that my crazy National Food Holidays project is in motion, I have been planning and preparing as best I can. Only 16 more days until my launch date of 8/15/16 and I can't wait! I would have started it sooner but am headed to Jamberry conference in Florida next month and decided it would be best to wait until the day after I come home to begin. Figured I wouldn't have access to a kitchen out there so, yeah. Kinda need that. 8/15 it is.

I have been busy! Blog is all set and ready. I also created a public Google calendar that you can find by scrolling down to the bottom of this blog page. Just in case you want to follow along. I have mapped out the food holidays I plan to cover each day from 8/15/16 through mid-April 2017 so far and will finish it up soon. There are very few days without a food to prepare. Some days even have 2 or more to choose from. If I have more than 1 item listed on a specific date, then I plan to try and make them both or incorporate them into something together. Sounds like fun to me...but, I'm crazy like that. In a good way, right? Don't answer that.

I have some extra fun things planned along the way, too. I wanted to find ways to highlight some local businesses that I admire. So far, 10K Brewing has invited me over for a tour and tasting on National Beer Lover's Day 9/7/16. I am not a beer drinker, more of a hard liquor kinda girl, and am excited to branch out and try some local brews. And, Two Scoops has invited me and my kiddos to swing by on Banana Split Day 8/25/16 for a tour and tasting, as well. Um, yum! I have a couple more local businesses on the line too but will wait to mention them until it's all set in stone. I am looking forward to sharing these places with you and will be sure to take lots of pictures!

Now, when I was researching this as something I possibly wanted to do, I could not find anyone that had taken on this project before. I thought it was an original idea. Ha ha ha. Scha! As if! (Imagine that said like I were Wayne & Garth) Anyway, yesterday, I came across a fellow blogger who did this starting back in 2014. I immediately reached out and am glad I did. She is so nice and gave me some great advice. If you have the time, swing on over to Jen's blog The Foodie Patootie. An awesome Miami based food blog! Jen made ALL of the national food holidays, which is like 400 or so. I so respect her ambition. My journey will be a little different and I am glad to have her in my corner.

If you are wondering how I chose the food holidays to cover, I used a combination of AND the Wikipedia List of Food Days. I am sticking to holidays "observed" in the US. I only say observed because most of these are not "official" but are just public knowledge and fun. If there were any discrepancies between these 2 sites, I Googled the holiday and made sure it was a real thing, that the dates matched up and that multiple other sources agreed on it. Pretty time consuming, to be honest. But I am learning a bunch and looking forward to trying lots of new things! Hoping my kiddos get a kick out of it, too. Many days sound down-right delicious...but there are a few days that I am so glad I have time to mentally prepare myself for. Ha! Just you wait and see.

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